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The shop is open at 9am everyday so people can get prepared for spring. I have a great selection of new flies and other special items for everyone to pick up. Total Outdoors is growing and we could use your help. We have 5 camps scheduled the 1st camp  is already full! (The June Camp is full). Several families have signed up for the other camps but they are not full yet. So we have 4 other camps to choose from. You can register your military family for a camp or you can volunteer to help by going to the website and filling out the "Contact Us" registration links. The Public is also welcome to come and see what we are doing, just let me know in the email or phone call that you are there to observe and help if possible. We Welcome Everyone that wants to learn more about our Programs and Total Outdoors!. 


False Grannoms #16 Black, Quill Gordon's and Hendrickson's all over the lower creek today. I would be up here this week even with the showers predicted.


Another Great Day, come on up. 729 CFS 5:43PM


Everything looks great for the next several days, come on up!


The water is high at 863 cfs, the color is looking to me with 1.5-2 ft of visibility. I didn't see any Blue Quills today it was lid of quiet on the stream today. 'm sure some people must have fished but it was to high for me. the forsythia is starting to bloom so that means Grannoms are on the way, I'll say two days, just a guess for fun. 


4/15/2014 8:30am

Well it don't look good, raining now and most of last night. I have a half inch of rain in the gage now and its still raining, Get your fishing in now on Penns before it goes out! Dont forget the small streams. The shop will be open till noon. The saddest part of this whole flood is there's a massive hatch of Blue Quills right now, its been going on for 3 hours now. This is what they talk about, spring/winter flies that hatch in the worst possible weather. Nothing is rising....

USGS link


"A date that will live in infamy". I'm going to be an optimist and say the rain will miss us. There was a short spinner fall of Black Stones tonight even with the 15-20mph winds, the birds were all over them. If you can get on the creek early in the morning you may get some great action on the smaller stones. Also the smaller Brook Trout streams should fish well even if we get this rain. I'll let you tomorrow about 5pm as to the creek conditions. Good Luck to all tight lines.



Another beautiful day, sporadic hatches of Tiny Black Stoneflies all day, some caddis and Blue Quills.


Good day today, Good water color, its high but 44 degrees. Blue Quills, Tiny #12 stones, False Grannoms (Black caddis), smaller #16 caddis. If you were not here, it was a beautiful day!


unless I change the last report, things look good , lots of fish in the creek.


Things look pretty good!

8:30pm not a lot of rain here, it looks good for opening day!

Big Streamers, Big stones, things that are bright.


The waters a bit high, has good color, black stones and Blue quills hatching.


Well folks the creek is pretty darn high but not too dirty. The shop will be closed Tuesday.

The creek will be fishable in a couple days. I'll post something when the water is good again.


It was an okay day to fish, sun was shining. Only a few guys out there with the high water. This is exactly the type of water I like to fish. High but it has a great color. Fish are all on the edges and behind big boulders in the main flow. Be careful if you go the water is cold and high. Bring a wading staff and a friend and a change of clothes if you are going to fish this week. The hatches will start soon, the spring peepers are singing in the evening.. Good Luck!

Most Sundays, I leave the shop about 3pm and I did today and was treated to a good hatch of #16-14 Black Stoneflies, I didn't see any mayflies just stones. So we know the mayflies will come soon! I was not fishing just looking and it was pretty good. Come on Grannoms and Blue Quills and Quill Gordon's. I'm sure we could catch fish on nymphs of the mayflies. 


5 am, Penn's at 1270,  small stream fishing should be good today. Penn's is fishable but its high and off color, be careful if you go out. The shop will be open 9am-1pm.

7am & 1340cfs and falling , visibility about a 12-18 inches.

Its a good day to prospect along the edges of the creek with large stoneflies.

It turned out to be a cold windy day. But my buddy went out and I'll post how he did later.


Got about a half inch of rain last night. We will have to see what happens today.

Stop at the shop anyway I have some great new flies we designed and tested last year.

Water is around 1000 cfs, she still has good color.

8:30pm and a little more rain, I'll post something in the morning.

Things look great for small stream fishing around this area.



Looks like a good day to fish!

797 cfs, good color, Tiny Black Stones and Blue Quills.


850 CFS, Good Color, Hatching Tiny Black Stone and a few Blue quills.

Its time to start fishing up here, I'll post what happens with the rain they forecast.. 


She came down a little today, the water is a perfect color for fishing several weighted nymphs at one time.

Yes she is high... but this when you get the big fish on the bottom near the creeks edge on nymphs.

Tuesday would be a good day to prospect especially with the threat of rain later in the week.

I saw Tiny Black Stones, Midges and some Blue Quills

I'd be fishing big #10 stoneflies.


She's up high and dirty 1200cfs.


Calling for a 1/4 inch of rain today in the afternoon and 3/4-2" tonight. But the fishing is hard but good. I post something if we get blown out.


Little Black Stoneflies, a few Blue Quills, Rain today but that's good. The Temps won't be that bad and the fishing should be good if you don't mind cool mornings. The shop will be open Saturday and Sunday @ 9am until business drops off for these days. I'll post something if the creek gets blown out. But right now the creek has a wonderful color and flow.


Things are starting to get good, Black Stoneflies are 20-12 depending on where you are on the river. Color , Flow and fishing  has overall been good. I got skunked today but the weather was bad and high winds. Last week my new friend Chris got a 16 inch fish his biggest on Penns so far, but he has only fished here a few times. He had one of his best small mouth bass fishing days last summer while working for Total Outdoors. Penns has a great summer bass fishery, I think he got over 50 bass last year on his first trip. I have not showed him the good spots yet, but this year I'll get him downstream to the best bass fishing spots this year. Streamers and stoneflies and small nymphs have been working on the trout this year. I'll try again Friday for trout, but this Saturday looks good. I have been fishing sink tips with heavy flies and doing very well except today. I should have the shop open Saturday. I got my flies from my local fly tiers today so I will have the best flies on the creek bar none. Come up if you have the time I think it will be worth the trip. Please look at we need help, we have doubled the clients and volunteers. It looks like a great year for TO and I would be proud to have you help, its a great organization. Thanks to all the volunteers!


Black Stoneflies are everywhere #18-20, the water is at a good level but its off color to the darker 1ft visibility side. Personally I like this color water for big nymphs and streamers, you could get a bunch of fish. 


A new member of Total Outdoors came up this weekend and caught his biggest fish from Penn's on Saturday. It was a beautiful 16 inch Brown that had outstanding colors. We fished with streamers both days because he had tied some really nice stuff for this trip. The midge and black stonefly hatches were just not there. I think stonefly nymphs would have produced better especially on Sunday when the water was off color but he wanted to fish streamers so that's what we did. We got a bunch of other fish and it was a good weekend. Thanks Chris, lets hope for a great spring! 


The creek is open but its off color and this cold snap should freeze the creek again.

Black stones were all over the creek today


Creek still frozen over, looks like it will stay that way.

dsc_0014.jpg (824430 bytes)


Need I say more...

dsc_0012.jpg (895278 bytes)


The creek has a wonderful color to it! If you like winter fishing after this cold front we may get some good fishing, the creek is full of fish! But the next 3 nights 2,4,6 for lows so we may get some thick ice. 


She sure is full of ice and should be frozen by the end of the week..


The creek has looked good for a couple days. Its fishing well according to sources. But its is going to get cold but sometimes that's a good thing. I saw fishing rising to midges today. There are lots of trout in the creek! 


Lots of small small shelf ice but the fishing is good. Water has a nice color and flow. 


Lots of ice coming down the creek. When it hits 50 in a few days I'll look around for those Tiny Winter Black Stoneflies. 


The creek looks good not too much ice. Lets see what this cold snap will do to the creek.


Happy New Year to All!

The creek is flowing again but looks like it could freeze this week coming. 8 degrees this morning brrrrrr.

Its a good time to fish the creek, great water color, height, fish big Stoneflies and stuff like that.

The store will not be open till March 15th or so.

If you need anything 570 922 0002 is my home number 

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