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Tiny Winter Stones, Blue Quills, Brown Stones, Midges.

Penns Creek Green is the color of the water, 500 cfs, Perfect.

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Bruce Fisher, Weikert. Pa.


Midges, Midges, Midges, Streamers and Stoneflies.


October Caddis just ended.

Browns and brookies are full of eggs.

Its now streamer time!


2 inches of rain today... The fish will start moving now!


The October Caddis, Tan Caddis and Slates are still going strong! 


The white flay hatch is almost over but we still have #14 Tan Caddis, Slate Drakes, October Caddis, Ants, Hoppers and Streamers are working well.


The fishing continues to be great!

Caddis, Slates, Cahills, Craneflies, Spinners


Slates Poured off today... Finally some dry fly action...

Its time to call in sick!


Great fishing today with Slate Drakes and Caddis.


Tonight was not that good with the Half Moon..

But the past few days were good with Cahill's, Slates and Hex flies working well.


Very Good Light Cahill hatches and spinner falls over the past few days.


The creek is fishing very good at first light and last light, during the day its has been hot or miss. The big Hex is coming off and its bigger than the Green Drake. If you fish the right sections of creek you might see it in the afternoon and evening. However Cahill's are far more abundant and fish seem to key on them. Caddis, Craneflies, Small Olives, Hoppers and Streamers are doing well.


Well were back in business the fishing really turned on with the rain last week. Cahills, Caddis, Olives, Slate Drakes, Craneflies, Stoneflies, Hoppers and Streamers are all working well. I fished Monday morning very early in the morning at my favorite spot and did very well with one fish in the 20" class. We didn't get hammered with the rain tonight, the creek looks great! Good Luck Everyone.. "its time to fish".


It will be the same story until fall comes around. Bwo's, Cahills, Slate Drakes, Caddis, Hoppers, Terrestrials, Streamers and Stone Flies. We will soon come to the time when the water gets too warm on the lower creek but these will be the main hatches. Tight lines to everyone and thanks to everyone that came to my shop and supported me over the past years. Keep in mind that I have the flies that work on Penns and I can be reached at 

I was out tonight and had a great time with Slates and Cahills. I got one really nice rainbow and a few smaller Browns. Things look really good for the next week or so.


The creek has good color to it and is fishing well. Last night it was good, tonight the fish started to rise at 6:30 Bwo spinners, Cahills, Slates. The fish started to move and pools get new fish every night.


A very good BWO spinner fall lastnight.


Great Slate Drake hatch and spinner fall the past two days. Sulphurs and Cahills and Stoneflies as well.

The shop will be open Friday 12-7pm, Sat 9-5pm, Sunday 9-1pm.

Come in for some good deals before I close the doors. 


The creek got muddy with 1.5 inches of rain but it should clear quickly.


After spending the past few days in Coburn (the fishing was great) its was nice to come back to the lower creek last night and see a great BWO hatch and spinner fall. Today the same hatch is going on with Slate Drakes mixed in. The shop will only be open Friday, Sat and a half day Sunday. If you buy flies by the dozen they are $20 for dry flies plus wetflies and $25 for stone flies. Just let me know you want to buy by the dozen. Lots of other stuff on sale as well. Thank God for this rain it will keep the creek cool until July.


The best days are the days with some rain and cloud cover. Olives, Slates, Cahills, Caddis, Stones...

The next 3 days will be good. Lots of stuff on sale at the shop so stop in.



Well as always I'll finish the Drake at Coburn or there about. It was great fishing with all my friends this Drake season. Its a wonderful social event, I met a few new friends so my life is more full. The lower water has Black Stones, Slate Drakes, Cahills, Sulphurs and lots of other stuff. We should have good water for a few more weeks. Come up to the shop if you can and finish your trout season on Penns. 

Tight Lines


This is a wonderful night so far. The main swarm is up in the C&R. I'm sure you all know that. The best way to access the C&R is through Weikert Rd. Thanks Everyone for the business. Still some good sales and hatches to come, so stop in. The Slate Drake has started so that's a new one. Good Luck



The Drakes went past Weikert and are near the Lower Catch and Release, By Friday they will be in the lower C&R good. I know they are in spots all over the creek but the main swarm is where I said, 5:30pm. Come to the shop I am having some good sales.

Its a good time for fellowship, that what Drake fishing is all about. Its a good time to get to know someone new. Some of the best nights are watching the kids catch the fish.


Today is exactly the type of day to fish the Drake! The water looks great. The hatch is from Weikert up about a mile or so. I talked to a guy this morning that got 11 on nymphs. Hope to see you at the shop.


The main hatch seems to be just below Weikert and down to the boy scout camp. Lots of other stuff like Sulphurs, Black Stoneflies, Cahills and Caddis. 2:44pm


Great hatch of female Drakes in the Glen Iron area last night. I'll be back down that way tonight.


Its official Green Drakes have started on the lower creek. It was a good hatch about 2pm of male Drakes. Also Sulphurs, Bwo's, Craneflies, Caddis, Stoneflies, Fishflies and Orange Cahills.


Still no Drakes.... Sulphurs, Bwo's, Craneflies, Caddis, Stoneflies, Fishflies and Cahills.

Water is starting to turn a nice color. It won't be long now till things explode.


Well she got muddy... She should be okay by Saturday. And all this won't matter if the Drake comes off. If the Drakes start mud or high water won't matter at all the fish will rise to them. Lets hope everything is smooth for the next few days.


Well we are getting a little rain (showers) we will have to see what happens.

Regular Dry flies are 20.00 dozen, Stoneflies are 25.00 dozen until they are gone.

There was a guy in the shop today looking for Fox Squirrel and I found a few.

Also there was a guy in the shop last year that wanted to buy my 64 drawer library card holder cabinet that he could store fly materials. Please give a call if you see this message it's for sale.


Happy Memorial Day to all of our Servicemen and Women and our Vets.

We hit a good number 1000 cfs. I saw another lone Drake this morning on my way to work. I also saw various Caddis and Craneflies this morning. Its a hot sunny day it looks like the spinner fall may be delayed tonight. Yesterday I spent the afternoon in Coburn above the bridge and it was okay to wade. The fishing was tough with that sun beading down. On the lower creek there have been good March Brown, Gray Fox, Caddis, Crane fly and Golden Stone hatches and spinner falls. The best news is that I have seen a good many Fish flies, they look a lot like a Black Stone but they have the white markings on their wings. And almost as good the Sulphurs have arrived. So where are the Drakes? The water is 63 and has a great color to it 1000 cfs @ 4pm


She didn't drop as fast as I would have liked but I would have given anything to be on the creek today. The water is high at 1340 cfs but you don't have to get in the water to catch fish. These are the exact conditions that help you catch the bigger fish in the creek. If you do go fishing please stay out of the water its dangerous.


The water is dropping 1800 at 9am, good fishing by Saturday at this time. I'd say 1000 cfs. So many hatches are busting loose. I have the flies you want in these conditions.


Well it don't look like we will catch a break it's been raining all night and morning. She is up to 2000 cfs. I looks like she has peaked at 2910 cfs. She will fall quickly and the fishing should be good by this weekend. Check my website or the USGS site at

Regular dry flies will be on sale at $20.00 a dozen mix and match. Stoneflies $25.00 per dozen mix and match. Drakes are 3.00 per fly. Come and get them while they last.


Well she is down to 1730 cfs, the color is not bad. The shop will be open again on Wed. The fishing can be good at this level as long as you don't get in the water. Hatches have been slowed down but bugs are still popping. I had the second best fishing day of my life when the water was at 1500 and this color about 2 years ago. I didn't even need to get in the creek and I would not recommend it. The creek will have changed and old holes will be gone and new holes will have been added. The creek always changes with kind of high water. Be careful out there and I'll see you in the shop.

I saw a nice rise to Dun's and Spinners tonight! You just have to know the spots. The slow water where the pod's of fish are congregated is the place to be right now. Please don't get in the water. You can catch these trout from the bank with a short roll cast. Tight lines.


She is blown out 5500 CFS, the shop will be closed today.

Check back later for a very important message about Penns Creek Angler.


I am going to be positive and think we will get some rain but not blown out. If it gets bad I post something.


The spinner fall was great last night although it was late 8pm. Today was slow in the shop and on the creek the sun was out all day. Look for a late evening rise to spinners March Browns, Gray Fox. I saw my first Green Drake today way down low on the creek. Its just a scout don't worry.

I've been walking to work the past few days to get some extra exercise so if you don't see my car there I'm there. I'll put extra late hours up soon. The address is 5540 Weikert Rd, Weikert Pa. 17885. Thanks Gene!


Another great morning and early afternoon, then the sun came out. Hendrickson's are all but gone, but all the other hatches still apply. Ps: Its time to start fishing Green Drake nymphs and Golden Stonefly nymphs. 


Eye Candy

Jemanuel2014[1].JPG (350532 bytes)

Jason, the Director of Operations for Total Outdoors caught this 23 inch beauty on Penns. Helping T.O. has its perks!

Jeff fish copy.jpg (624333 bytes)

Jeff, got this wonderful fish the other day with his new bamboo. What a way to break it in.

Fish food copy.jpg (483549 bytes)

This is a picture of what came out of a fish I caught last year. The pliers are 6 inches long the fish was a little over 20 inches. Needless to say the fish was fighting funny and I didn't understand what was going on till I got the fish to land. Its pretty cool that a 20 inch fish could swallow a 7 inch stocked rainbow.

More Eye Candy, from my past few years fishing penn's

Huge Brown.jpg (1565758 bytes)

p5200219.jpg (751589 bytes)

Spring Brown.JPG (3088750 bytes)

These fish are out there and if its the month of May... You know...


Fishing remains great, more truly big fish have been caught  in the past two week than I have ever seen. Pictures will follow... Same hatches same conditions. I hope we get a little rain the creek is falling.


You could not ask for more. I saw the best Hendrickson spinner fall last night. Tonight it was almost as good. The good news is the March Browns have started along with the Gray Fox, Crane Flies, Caddis, Grannoms, Stoneflies and Hendrickson Duns and spinners. It doesn't get any better than this. I have never seen all these flies on the water at the same time. That's it, if want to see you better come up.  



This is what's been floating down the creek the past few days. My buddy saw them about 6-10 inches under the surface. He took it out of the water to take the picture during a Grannom Hatch 

cool3 copy.jpg (138350 bytes)

It was tough but good day today, these are the days when you get big fish. Same hatches and spinners water at 439cfs and has a good color to it. I may have to step out of the shop for 2 hours in the afternoon. But it looks good for Monday be on the creek early.


Today was a great day! Hendrickson Spinners with big bright yellow egg sacks around 5pm-7pm. Grannoms. Bwo's. So where are the Gray Fox & March Browns? I think I will bust open any day, the overcast day days seem to be the ticket and a little sun doesn't hurt either. I know several guys that have catches of 20+ fish (days), one guy on dries and one on wets and nymphs the other fishes different flies as the opportunity presents itself. I can say Winter has lasted long enough!

I have sale on some fly tying material if you are interested. 

Tight Lines... and a happy ending....


This weekend looks good for hatches, Hendrickson's, Grannoms, Bwo's, Caddis.

If you like fishing in showers this is a good bet.

Good Luck! 


Everything looks great the rain missed  us!

Come on up... 7am


So far only 1/2 inch of rain, lets hope it stays that way. The creek looks good and there is a hatch of Blue Quills going on right now. I'll post some thing later in the day. I don't want to say too much but it looks like we will be in good shape. The Blue Quill hatch lasted about 4 hours today, the swallows had a ball with them. Look for a report in the morning then we will know what has happened.


Got some Rain 1/4 inch and lots of wind, I guess we will have to see what happens in the next 24 hours.

I'll post something in the afternoon Wed.


The greatest hatch of Full on Grannoms and Hendricksons on the lower C&R I have ever seen last night. This should continue....Its time to be on the water.


Fishing has been great for lots of people and very bad for others. The last group just left my house and they got over a hundred trout in 3 days. Its time to get up here the hatches are going very well. Mostly nymph fishing with some dry fly and spinner fishing at times. Everything looks good even with the rain forecast. Call the shop if you need more info.


Looks like a great day, Blue Quills, Caddis, Hendricksons and Quill Gordons. 520 cfs great color.


A windy day! Great Hendrickson hatch (10am-2pm) and a good hatch of Blue Quills around 3pm. A good spinner fall could happen at anytime. Water is a great color @ 529 cfs. Fish the bottom and do a trailer off the bend of the hook and you should be fine. Don't forget about the Brook Trout Streams they have been fishing great and I don't see any indication of heavy rain for a while. The hatches have started and dry fly action is a good possibility. It should be good for the next few days. If anything changes I'll post something to let you know. But the lower creek is about to explode. Shop hours are 8am-5pm everyday. If you need more info call the shop @ 570.922.1053.


A very good hatch of Hendricksons about 10am-1pm down in the area of Glen Iron (Up or down a mile or so). Fish were rising  to the duns. I also hear reports of Hendricksons all over the creek. There are Small Black Caddis, Quill Gordons and Blue Quills. I wonder when the spinner falls will happen.

Wed looks like a bad day with 20-30 mph winds, so Its time for a day off, the shop will be closed.

REGULAR HOURS ARE 8AM-5PM, They will change to more hours as the great fishing starts .

Keep checking the reports the will be some 50% off sale on some good stuff. I need to get some stuff off the shelf.

Ps: I have 6 Rushton Landing nets on their way, these are the finest nets you can purchase bar none. They are hand crafted by a friend of mine in Canada. 

I also have a bunch of great Capes and entire Roosters and Hens at great prices!


Lots of good hatches today, Hendricksons all over the lower creek plus Caddis and Quill Gordons. Water 54, 602 cfs, sunny day.

I'll bet things bust loose with the showers that are predicted for Tuesday.

Tight lines


False Grannoms #16 Black, Quill Gordon's and Hendrickson's all over the lower creek today. I would be up here this week even with the showers predicted.


Another Great Day, come on up. 729 CFS 5:43PM


Everything looks great for the next several days, come on up!


The water is high at 863 cfs, the color is looking to me with 1.5-2 ft of visibility. I didn't see any Blue Quills today it was lid of quiet on the stream today. 'm sure some people must have fished but it was to high for me. the forsythia is starting to bloom so that means Grannoms are on the way, I'll say two days, just a guess for fun. 


4/15/2014 8:30am

Well it don't look good, raining now and most of last night. I have a half inch of rain in the gage now and its still raining, Get your fishing in now on Penns before it goes out! Dont forget the small streams. The shop will be open till noon. The saddest part of this whole flood is there's a massive hatch of Blue Quills right now, its been going on for 3 hours now. This is what they talk about, spring/winter flies that hatch in the worst possible weather. Nothing is rising....

USGS link


"A date that will live in infamy". I'm going to be an optimist and say the rain will miss us. There was a short spinner fall of Black Stones tonight even with the 15-20mph winds, the birds were all over them. If you can get on the creek early in the morning you may get some great action on the smaller stones. Also the smaller Brook Trout streams should fish well even if we get this rain. I'll let you tomorrow about 5pm as to the creek conditions. Good Luck to all tight lines.



Another beautiful day, sporadic hatches of Tiny Black Stoneflies all day, some caddis and Blue Quills.


Good day today, Good water color, its high but 44 degrees. Blue Quills, Tiny #12 stones, False Grannoms (Black caddis), smaller #16 caddis. If you were not here, it was a beautiful day!


unless I change the last report, things look good , lots of fish in the creek.


Things look pretty good!

8:30pm not a lot of rain here, it looks good for opening day!

Big Streamers, Big stones, things that are bright.


The waters a bit high, has good color, black stones and Blue quills hatching.


Well folks the creek is pretty darn high but not too dirty. The shop will be closed Tuesday.

The creek will be fishable in a couple days. I'll post something when the water is good again.


It was an okay day to fish, sun was shining. Only a few guys out there with the high water. This is exactly the type of water I like to fish. High but it has a great color. Fish are all on the edges and behind big boulders in the main flow. Be careful if you go the water is cold and high. Bring a wading staff and a friend and a change of clothes if you are going to fish this week. The hatches will start soon, the spring peepers are singing in the evening.. Good Luck!

Most Sundays, I leave the shop about 3pm and I did today and was treated to a good hatch of #16-14 Black Stoneflies, I didn't see any mayflies just stones. So we know the mayflies will come soon! I was not fishing just looking and it was pretty good. Come on Grannoms and Blue Quills and Quill Gordon's. I'm sure we could catch fish on nymphs of the mayflies. 


5 am, Penn's at 1270,  small stream fishing should be good today. Penn's is fishable but its high and off color, be careful if you go out. The shop will be open 9am-1pm.

7am & 1340cfs and falling , visibility about a 12-18 inches.

Its a good day to prospect along the edges of the creek with large stoneflies.

It turned out to be a cold windy day. But my buddy went out and I'll post how he did later.


Got about a half inch of rain last night. We will have to see what happens today.

Stop at the shop anyway I have some great new flies we designed and tested last year.

Water is around 1000 cfs, she still has good color.

8:30pm and a little more rain, I'll post something in the morning.

Things look great for small stream fishing around this area.



Looks like a good day to fish!

797 cfs, good color, Tiny Black Stones and Blue Quills.


850 CFS, Good Color, Hatching Tiny Black Stone and a few Blue quills.

Its time to start fishing up here, I'll post what happens with the rain they forecast.. 


She came down a little today, the water is a perfect color for fishing several weighted nymphs at one time.

Yes she is high... but this when you get the big fish on the bottom near the creeks edge on nymphs.

Tuesday would be a good day to prospect especially with the threat of rain later in the week.

I saw Tiny Black Stones, Midges and some Blue Quills

I'd be fishing big #10 stoneflies.


She's up high and dirty 1200cfs.


Calling for a 1/4 inch of rain today in the afternoon and 3/4-2" tonight. But the fishing is hard but good. I post something if we get blown out.


Little Black Stoneflies, a few Blue Quills, Rain today but that's good. The Temps won't be that bad and the fishing should be good if you don't mind cool mornings. The shop will be open Saturday and Sunday @ 9am until business drops off for these days. I'll post something if the creek gets blown out. But right now the creek has a wonderful color and flow.


Things are starting to get good, Black Stoneflies are 20-12 depending on where you are on the river. Color , Flow and fishing  has overall been good. I got skunked today but the weather was bad and high winds. Last week my new friend Chris got a 16 inch fish his biggest on Penns so far, but he has only fished here a few times. He had one of his best small mouth bass fishing days last summer while working for Total Outdoors. Penns has a great summer bass fishery, I think he got over 50 bass last year on his first trip. I have not showed him the good spots yet, but this year I'll get him downstream to the best bass fishing spots this year. Streamers and stoneflies and small nymphs have been working on the trout this year. I'll try again Friday for trout, but this Saturday looks good. I have been fishing sink tips with heavy flies and doing very well except today. I should have the shop open Saturday. I got my flies from my local fly tiers today so I will have the best flies on the creek bar none. Come up if you have the time I think it will be worth the trip. Please look at we need help, we have doubled the clients and volunteers. It looks like a great year for TO and I would be proud to have you help, its a great organization. Thanks to all the volunteers!


Black Stoneflies are everywhere #18-20, the water is at a good level but its off color to the darker 1ft visibility side. Personally I like this color water for big nymphs and streamers, you could get a bunch of fish. 


A new member of Total Outdoors came up this weekend and caught his biggest fish from Penn's on Saturday. It was a beautiful 16 inch Brown that had outstanding colors. We fished with streamers both days because he had tied some really nice stuff for this trip. The midge and black stonefly hatches were just not there. I think stonefly nymphs would have produced better especially on Sunday when the water was off color but he wanted to fish streamers so that's what we did. We got a bunch of other fish and it was a good weekend. Thanks Chris, lets hope for a great spring! 


The creek is open but its off color and this cold snap should freeze the creek again.

Black stones were all over the creek today


Creek still frozen over, looks like it will stay that way.

dsc_0014.jpg (824430 bytes)


Need I say more...

dsc_0012.jpg (895278 bytes)


The creek has a wonderful color to it! If you like winter fishing after this cold front we may get some good fishing, the creek is full of fish! But the next 3 nights 2,4,6 for lows so we may get some thick ice. 


She sure is full of ice and should be frozen by the end of the week..


The creek has looked good for a couple days. Its fishing well according to sources. But its is going to get cold but sometimes that's a good thing. I saw fishing rising to midges today. There are lots of trout in the creek! 


Lots of small small shelf ice but the fishing is good. Water has a nice color and flow. 


Lots of ice coming down the creek. When it hits 50 in a few days I'll look around for those Tiny Winter Black Stoneflies. 


The creek looks good not too much ice. Lets see what this cold snap will do to the creek.


Happy New Year to All!

The creek is flowing again but looks like it could freeze this week coming. 8 degrees this morning brrrrrr.

Its a good time to fish the creek, great water color, height, fish big Stoneflies and stuff like that.

The store will not be open till March 15th or so.

If you need anything 570 922 0002 is my home number 

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